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    Brief Introduction

      Yichang Changjiang Machine Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1968. It is the mainly backbone enterprise in the national machine tool industries, as well as the only largest and base place of full series gear shaping/milling machine research manufacture in Asia. Company has the total assets of 500 million yuan, net assets of more than 300 million yuan, bank credit AAA level. covers an area of over 220 thousand square meters, including building area of 150 thousand square meters.
      High social reputation. The company has won the provincial advanced unit of production safety in industrial economy, safety produce model units, the contract and trustworthy enterprise, outstanding contribution of tax units, municipal civilized unit, etc.
      Scientific and standardized corporate governance. In the machinery manufacturing industry taking the lead through the ISO9001“Quality Management System certificate”, ISO14001 “Environmental Management System. Certificate” and OHSAS18001 “Occupation Health and Safety Management System Certificate”.
      Well-equipments and first-class technology. Company has more than 500 staffs, with skilled technology level of senior technician more than 200 people. Having all kinds of advanced processing and testing equipment about more than 500 sets, and the rate of NC equipment more than 90%. Sophisticated processing technology and sophisticated equipment to ensure product quality.
      Company’s technology strength is abundant. Has the hundreds of professional R&D team, We have more than 40 senior engineers, national, provincial and municipal experts. Have over 40 patent technologies with independent intellectual property rights and many of our new products to the domestic and international advanced level won the national new product award and “Chunyan Award”. Company’s technology center was identified as provincial enterprise technology center and Engineering Center.
      Company has full specification of the gear shapers. The “Yichang” brand CNC gear shaper can machining diameter from φ 200mm to φ 500mm with nine series of hundreds of specifications CNC gear machines ,CNC sector gear shaping machine, CNC rack shaper, CNC milling machine ,CNC serration machines, CNC gear hobbing machine. And according to user needs, development of the best cost-effective machine, the special tool, fixture and automatic load and unload device.
      The company always pursue in the field of gear manufacturing customers to realize the dream. Quality products is not only widely used in domestic automobile, wind power, energy, mining, ports, ships, engineering machinery and tool manufacturing industry, but also exported to the United States, Germany, Czech, France, Austria and South Korea, India and other countries. 16 sales offices all over the country to provide high quality service of in 12 hours.
      Company take enterprise spirit of “Quality, grade, character,” and the corporate concept “the pursuit of excellence, continual innovation, fine manufacture, harmonious development.” Try to realize user’s dreams in gear manufacturing, to build a unique strong competitive force enterprise whom will be a leader of gear machine industry. The creator of the culture and gear machine tool manufacturing solutions provider.

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